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VOSH - CT 2018 Mission in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Volunteers of Optometric Service to Humanity

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This year's mission was a little different than previous missions.  It began with a delay in getting to Nicaragua due to a snow storm.  LaGuardia Airport was closed for about 36 hours and the flight then  was delayed by three days.  We got to the Hotel Isabella late Sunday night and missed the mission setup at the grade school.  It was then onward to the 4 days of our mission and the 5th day was used to visit a town about 20 miles south of San Juan del Sur to view wells for a joint Milford/West Haven Rotary club water project.  Though I missed the 2017 mission, every other mission I was able to get at least a few days of relaxation but not on this year's trip.

It was also a different trip in that there were more doctors and interns than in past missions.  Our clinic had 5 interns with 6 examining lanes in our room and there were 9 clinic rooms.   Being excited about seeing numerous patients has never been my great goal but our mission director "La Heffa" is most proud of numbers.  We did see over 4500 people in the 4 days and not without much tension and disarray.  Some of the other doctors who have gone on other VOSH missions to other countries noted the respect, setup, and organization much different than other missions such that I question my returning again.  It was a rewarding trip though and gave all of us a sense of pride to help such great people. It also allowed me to appreciate what we have to give, know to teach, and value in people.