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VOSH - CT 2016 Mission in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Volunteers of Optometric Service to Humanity

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This year's mission color was the same as in 2010.  Though it was the same color, it was a different flavor!  It was a new mission for many of the volunteers.  It was my wife Sue's first mission, we had three new doctors, and many new intern doctors making it a great working group.  We all drew inspiration from Dr. Larry Nierman in clinic 7 as he brought his Chicago influence and smile to every experience.  My wife Sue's energy was inspiring and enjoyable.  Though we started at 8AM each morning we were able to finish by 5PM each night.  It was my first mission that we finished each day before sunset at 5:30PM.  Since San Juan del Sur is a coastal town, it is nice to be able to appreciate each night's precious sunset after an energetic day of patient care.  We all brought something to the mission, but also took something more away - a little more appreciation, a little more understanding, and a little more knowledge of what we do and how we can truely change people's lives for the better.  From simple sunglasses to simple over-the-counter readers to Lions Club glassses to medications for infections and glaucoma we were able to make a lasting difference in the people of Nicaragua's lives.  We have seen an improvement in the quality of life in Nicaragua over the past 7 years but there is still a need for quality eye care.  It was a pleasure to work with such great and giving people.  We can make our lives and those of others sightfull and insightful!