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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua  January 10th-17th 2015

Another great mission by VOSH-CT (Volunteers of Optometric Services to Humanity - Connecticut).  We had 8 Connecticut Optometrists (6 ABO Certified), 20 Optometric Interns from Optometry Schools: UC Berkeley, MCPHS University, and State University of NY (SUNY), about 40 American and 40 Nicaraguan Volunteers who paid their own way, transportation, food, and lodging providing care for 3188 Nicaraguan people in Nicaragua.  It was an honor to be part of a truely amazing operation that was full of care, learning, communication, and cooperation.   There were many pieces to this puzzle of a 'mission trip' and there were many hands that made the burden light (and fun).  It's this generous contribution by many people that gave this mission a feeling that giving and honorable people bring light to our world at large.  It was a pleasure to work with all of them this year!  Just a note:  La Jefa Pequena Joyce Krinitsky noted 'if I won the lotto...' and I remember my sister-in-law while in the Peace Corps saying:  "If you're born in won the lotto"...True, True!!!   (Double click on a picture to enlarge.)