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We have over 27 years of experience treating eye-related diseases. Our compassionate and professional doctor will treat your eyes like they are his own.

Has it been over a year since you had your last eye exam? Call today for a comprehensive eye exam.

Dr. Margius has over 27 years of clinical experience treating eye diseases. We will diagnose and manage your eye disease.

Exceptional care

Contact our office immediately if you suspect you are having an ocular emergency! We will do our best to fit you in for a same-day appointment.

Feel better today

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, visit our office today. We can perform an eye exam and determine the source of your problem. We know just how uncomfortable and inconvenient eye problems can be. And if left untreated, a small problem can lead to a permanent loss of vision. We offer emergency appointments for your convenience. Call today!

Get diagnosed quickly and painlessly


  • Cataracts

  • Glaucoma

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Foreign body removal

  • Eyelid lesions

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